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What is Nova-Life ?

Nova-Life was originally a browser-based project started in 2015 with the goal of creating a video game with a serious and good community. The project has taken a new direction since the support of many people such as Anthony, Louni, Thomas, Nathan (and everything else ❤) as well as Gadu Gaming and Garry's School

Our goal is to offer a free play-video game based on the play-role with a respectful and supportive community so that the project takes the right direction.

Nova-Life is managed by an administrative team in order to supervise the community (the players) and is developed by Valentin (Founder of the project).

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Nova-Life wraps features to guarantee a video game powered by the roleplay that must be independent of others.

Our team

Development team



Main Developer

Valentin is the main developer and founder, he takes care of developing the game, the site, the servers. He also manages the entire administrative and moderation team



Developer, Level-Designer

Louni is the second founder, and the main Level-Designer of Nova-Life.

How to play Nova-Life?

Nova-Life is in development, so you will not be able to access the game. A pre-alpha is planned for the end of February, it is reserved for those who have pre-alpha access. You can have information on our YouTube channel or our Discord. Alpha open to players is scheduled early / mid 2018.

Youtube channel