Week of Awesome V - News on our progress

Day 4 : Finishing first Map, Colliders system, Story/AI/Combat system

We have worked on maps system and some sounds, the gameplay is in WIP, then, we don't show you for the moment, a trailer will be made very soon. Thanks to our team : Valentin (novateck) : Manager, graphist/artist & developer, Alex (Whatisninou) : scenarist & map maker, Louni (Louni28) : map maker, Marco (Electrodrill) : corrector-translator & sound-designer.

Day 3 : Creating Map system and finishing AI, and Combat system

Finishing of the combat system, the character, the AI and creation of the map system in the form of a grid We are really glad to see that our project is progressing so fast, we look forward to show you the whole gameplay at the end of the WoA V, but we will not show you before it :) We will soon show you the combat and missions system My twitter account (you can follow me by the way)

Day 2 : Creating a lot of sprites and Player & AI systems!

A video for explain our current progress :

We challenge ourselves not to take anything on the Internet, be it sounds, sprites, etc. All have been made by our Team

Day 1 : Creating first sprites and first systems!

We are creating the first sprites and tilesets of our game, our programmer develops the first systems (character, AI, etc.) We have been working very early this morning, with almost no breaks. There is always someone working on the game. Here are some pictures of our advanced (there are more, but we do not reveal everything). Everything is made by us, all sprites, all scripts, all tilesets, all sounds and musics!

Sprites by TeamNova

Week Of Awesome

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